How can a country develop by a book fair?

How can a country develop by a book fair?

What is a book fair?

A Book fair is a fair where books are sold, often featuring Presence by authors. It has created a sense of interest for books amidst the general mass.

Why are book fairs important?

A book is like a best friend who will never move away from you. In fact, it improves our outlook and makes our life more meaningful.The nation which does not read books cannot improve. It motivates people to form the habit of reading books. It reminds us that books are our good companions. Books from various fields like Science, Technology, Literature, Biography, Jokes, and so on are shown in a book Fair. There is great importance of a book fair in the cultural functions of a nation.

Most importantly, the art converges together and there are enough opportunities to network and benefit from each other. Book fairs were, and will always be an unabated part of publishing industry. However, a book fair propagations the message that books are our best friends and companions. The popularity of book fairs is increasing day by day with the progress of civilization. Book fairs are an excellent idea of the modern era

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