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A research seminar on Geological Engineering and Geohazards was held jointly by the Alliance of International Science Organizations (ANSO) and the Geological Sciences Department of Jahangirnagar University at Brac Center Inn, Mohakhali, Dhaka dated on 07 January 07 (Saturday) 2023 which is organized by the Geological Engineering, Geohazards and Disaster Sciences Research Group, Department of Geological Sciences, Jahangirnagar University.

The research seminar was inaugurated by the Speech of Professor Dr. ATM Shakhawat Hossain Department of Geological Sciences of Jahangirnagar University who is the Principal Investigator of this collaboration. Professor Dr. Muhammad Quamrul Hassan, Honorary Professor of the Department of Geology of Dhaka University was the chief guest while A.K.M. Khorshed Alam, Former Director of GSB, Engr. Mohammad Abu Sadeque, Executive Director, the Centre for housing and building research, and Professor Dr. Khairul Bashar were present as the special guest.

In his short Speech Chief guest Professor Dr. Muhammad Quamrul Hassan praised the department and Alliance of International Science Organisations (ANSO) for conducting research on such innovative topics and the life-saving arena. Special guest Dr. A.K.M Khorhsed Alam emphasizes that It is impossible to live sustainably with climate, nature, and pollution and in harmony with nature. If everyone is made aware of what should be done to protect forests and habitats and to protect the soil, water, and air of the environment from the challenges of pollution and temperature rise, the world will be saved from future environmental disasters. It is not possible with a single effort of anyone, so to protect the earth, our only habitat. A collective effort is needed by all.

research seminar
JU-ANSO Collaboration Research Seminar held on Geological Engineering and Geohazards

Engr. Md Abu Sadeque Praises JU_ANSO Joint Research ON Geological Engineering, Geohazard & Disaster. He also mentioned the necessity for sustainable rural houses in Bangladesh. He said,” Over 80% of Bangladesh’s population cannot afford a standard house for living. Rural houses are vulnerable to disasters, unhygienic, consume much energy, and have a short life. HBRC model is for standard hygienic habitation, disaster resilience, and affordable to a low-income population. It is also environmentally sustainable, as it comprises low embodied energy building materials and technologies.”

Professor Dr. Khairul Bashar appreciated the JU_ANSO Joint Research Collaboration on such life-oriented topics. He also mentioned that research is not done at the current time due to lack of funds, such efforts of the Department of Geological Sciences & ANSO are encouraging. Such research will bring hope to the dire situation of current climate change.

Later, honorable guests presented invited lectures. Engr. Abu Sadeque presented on “Disaster Resilient Sustainable Rural Housing in Bangladesh”, and Honorary Professor Dr. Qumrul Hasan on “Climate Change issues in Bangladesh and its possible sustainable management”. Dr. A.K.M Khorhsed Alam on “Human Induced erosion in the Raghunandan Hills, NE Bangladesh: Damaging for Landform and Ecosystem”. Professor Dr. Khairul Bashar on “Study on the feasibility of establishing an induced filtration system”.

Then the master’s students of the department presented their research papers. A total of four master’s students Tanmoy Dutta, Sheikh Jafia Jafrin, Ruma Bakail, and Purba Anindita Khan presented their research works.

Tonmoy Dutta presented his paper “Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction Risk Assessment in The Rohingya Refugee Camps of Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh.” He shows how vulnerably Rohingyas sleep with death. Ruma Bakail gave her presentation on ‘‘Engineering Properties and Mineralogy of Some Slope Samples of Ukhiya-Rohingya Refuge

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